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The Limestone Guide To Attractive Natural Stone Hardscaping And Caring For Materials Over Time

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If you are looking for affordable natural materials to use for a hardscaping project, there are some natural stones that you may want to consider. Limestone is one of the best materials to use for hardscaping and structures because it is so versatile and affordable. It can be used for many of your outdoor projects but is also going to require good care. The following limestone guide will help you with natural stone hardscaping and caring for these materials as they age over the years:

Retaining Walls and Veneers To Give Your Landscaping Attractive Stone Features

Retaining walls are often used to create different features in terrain for landscaping and outdoor living spaces. These walls can be made of stone materials if they are lower but are often built with concrete or block. To give your retaining walls an attractive finish, a limestone veneer can be used to finish the walls and make them an attractive addition to your landscaping.

Creating The Paved Patio Areas That Will Look Great With Natural Limestone Materials

The pavements of outdoor areas are often unsightly concrete with broom or trowel finishes. If you want to improve the appearance of your outdoor spaces, you can use limestone as pavers for patios, sidewalks, and other surfaces. These surfaces can also be seal coated to protect them from wear and damage as they age.

Using Limestone As A Finish Feature For Columns of Pavilions and Other Outdoor Structures

There are also a lot of areas where you may want to have structures with stone features. These can be features like pavilions for a gathering area in outdoor living spaces. These structures can also be enhanced with limestone details. You may want to use the stone for features like columns, arches, and other architectural details of these outdoor structures.

Limestone Finishes For Grilling and Cooking Areas For Attractive Outdoor Living Space Features With Natural Stone

There may be cooking spaces that you want to build outdoors, which can be fireplaces, grills, smokers, and other features with fire. These features need to be built with special materials that can withstand the heat. Therefore, limestone is not the best material to use to build the entire structure. The limestone can be used for attractive finishes for these areas though.

These are some of the different projects that you can do with limestone for the hardscaping for your outdoor spaces. If you are ready to add attractive natural stone features to your home, contact a limestone service like Small's Sand Gravel Inc to begin planning and ordering the materials you are going to need to complete the project.