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How To Prepare For Demolition In Your Home

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When most people think of demolition, they think of wrecking balls through buildings or skyscrapers being imploded. While these are some extreme forms of demolition, this isn't typically something the average homeowner needs to deal with. Most demolition projects are much smaller. They could involve bringing down an interior wall to remodel the layout of your house or tearing down part of a roof and exterior wall to prepare for an addition. If you have a small-scale demolition project scheduled, the following can help you prepare for it.

Find out where the dumpster goes 

Every demo project will need a dumpster. You will need to work with your demolition contractor to determine the best place for it. It needs to be close to the house so that workers don't have to travel far. Ideally, it should be well within your property, as some municipalities or HOAs have rules about placing dumpsters on the street. You also want to make sure it is somewhere that is somewhat secure, so others don't try to illegally dump in it and so that children do not play in or near it. Generally, the driveway provides an optimum location, but it can be placed on the patio or even your yard (if you don't mind the damage to the grass). Work with the contractor to determine the best spot and then prepare it for the dumpster delivery.

Remove or cover everything

Demolition is dirty. Even small projects will result in a lot of dust or residue. It's a good idea to remove everything from the area of the home where demolition will be occurring. As for the rest of the house, drape everything with sheets or painter's drop cloths to keep the dust off. You should also close all air vents in the home and tape over them with plastic sheeting to keep dust out (turn off the HVAC system first). Many demolition contractors do have basic protocols in place to keep the dust down, so you may want to inquire about these and plan your preparation steps accordingly.

Take a vacation

It's probably not a smart budget move to live in a hotel the entire time your home is being renovated, but it is a great idea to take a few days away during the relatively short demo phase. The amount of dust and noise in the home during demolition makes it very difficult to remain in the house, especially if the work is taking place in a vital room, like the kitchen or only bathroom. If you have someone in the family with asthma or a similar breathing issue, then it can be dangerous to remain home. Fortunately, the demo portion of construction normally only take a day to a few days, so scheduling a couple of nights at a hotel or spending a few nights with family is a viable escape during this phase of construction.

For more help, speak with a demolition company near you.