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Take Good Care Of Your Car Lot's Asphalt Surface

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If you have seen parking lots that have spots on their surface, there is a good chance that the property owners have had the pavement patched instead of resurfaced and sealed. If the grand opening celebration for your used car lot will be held next week, get serious about maintaining your property so that the asphalt lot will retain a smooth surface that is a rich black color.

Separate The Used Cars From The Visitor Parking Area

Parking lot stripes will outline areas where your visitors can park and can also be used as guidelines when parking used cars that are being placed for sale on your property.

The paving crew that installed the asphalt lot on your property can advise you how to set up the lot so that the parking area for your patrons is separated from the area where used cars will be parked. Leave plenty of space is in between the two parking areas and request that diagonal or straight striping is used to clearly define the parking spots. 

Be Consistent About Cleaning The Lot

Stains on asphalt will occur if oil leaks onto the ground or if you are aren't vigilant about cleaning the lot after cutting grass that surrounds the pavement. Because you are in the car business, you can expect oil leaks from time to time, but it is in your best interest to make sure that each vehicle is in operable order and has been cleaned before being driven onto the lot and parked in the sales area.

Of course, oil leaks can also occur when potential clients visit your establishment. Use a pressure washer or scrub brush and detergent to remove surface stains during the weekend or on holidays when the lot is closed. Use a bag attachment when cutting grass or weeds so that clippings do not blow onto the lot. 

Have The Pavement Inspected And Resurfaced As Needed

Asphalt is a fairly tough material, but it isn't invincible when it comes to damage. Heavy rains, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and consistent use of the asphalt can take its toll on the pavement's condition.

Each year, have the asphalt inspected by an asphalt paving service. If there are marks on the asphalt, the pavement can be resurfaced. A sealant should be added to the pavement afterward to provide a barrier that repels water. During paving jobs, all of the cars that you are going to be selling will need to be moved off of the pavement for several days.