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Outfit Your Home With Vacuum Openings In The Baseboards

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When you're thinking about remodeling your home, it's often a good idea to consider ideas that will make your life easier. A specific type of home remodeling project can often make certain tasks easier to complete and free up time in your day that you'd otherwise spend on things that you may not overly enjoy. One idea to consider if you have a central vacuum system is to have your remodeling contractor install vacuum openings in the baseboards in several locations throughout your home. Doing so means that you can sweep dirt and other debris to the opening, turn on the vacuum, and let the opening suck up whatever you're pushing with your broom. Here are some benefits of this remodeling project.

Ease And Convenience

A central vacuum is often easier to deal with than a conventional vacuum, but there are still some challenges with the former. For example, it can be a bit of a nuisance to carry the hose from room to room whenever you have to vacuum the house. When your renovation contractor installs vacuum openings in the baseboards, you'll notice that cleaning your home is easier and more convenient. If you spill something dry in the kitchen, for example, you can grab your broom and sweep the mess to the opening in the baseboard easier and faster than you could retrieve the vacuum hose and suck up the mess.

Protection For Your Baseboards

One of the issues that can arise from vacuuming your home, even with a central vacuum, is that your baseboards get damaged. Central vacuum hoses are often lengthy, and each time that you drag the hose from one room to another, it can drag against the baseboards. Over time, this friction can remove the paint from the baseboards in several areas throughout your home, leaving you in need of getting paint and a brush and doing touch-up work. Relying more on your vacuum baseboards prevents such damage.

Better With Kids And Pets

Kids and pets can make your home messy, which can leave you frequently reaching for the vacuum. However, the presence of the vacuum can get children and pets alike worked up. Dogs may whine and get excited when the vacuum comes out, while a sleepy child may wake up due to the noise of the vacuum. You'll often find that the vacuum openings in your baseboards are quiet, which will allow you to quickly clean up any messes with minimal disruption.

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