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Building Popularity: Dealing With A Construction Site Near A Popular Road

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Performing construction near a road comes with its own set of possible issues. Building near a popular road is typically a popular activity, as apartment complexes, retail stores, and home communities enjoy being near busy areas. As a construction professional, you will need to be able to keep your crew and construction site safe while building near a busy place. Here are some ways to prepare for a construction site near a popular road. 

Get a crash truck rental

If you are working near the shoulder of a major road, you will need to secure a crash truck rental for the duration of your construction project. The crash truck attenuator will absorb the impact of any crashes or accidental bumps by a car. Having a crash truck on the shoulder of the road near your construction site will keep your workers and your personal equipment safe from possible injury due to car crashes. Be sure that your workers know to stay in front of the crash truck rental and never behind it when working near the roadside. 

Close a lane when bringing in heavy equipment

A major construction site means the delivery of large equipment and big materials. If materials are being delivered, it is best to close a lane to the public so that the truck has space to pull over and off-load the items. When closing a lane, be sure to set up a traffic sign, letting cars know at least half a mile head of the road closure. Block off the road with a large sign and traffic cones to help keep cars away from the delivery trucks. If the road that your construction site is located has no traffic lights, assign several workers to direct traffic if the use of an intersection is necessary for the delivery. 

Assign a bright color and safety vests

Blending into the background can be dangerous on a fast moving construction site. To keep your workers safe, assign your workers a bright color that will not blend into anything in the background. If the wall building materials are beige or green, wearing beige or green shirts can obscure your workers. Select a color that will be unlike anything else on the construction site, such as a light teal shade or a yellow colored shirt. Be sure to hand out reflective construction vests each day so that everyone on the crew is visible to drivers. 

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