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Low Pressure Problems? What Your Pump May Be Trying To Tell You

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When it's times to take a shower, a powerful stream of water will always be welcomed more than a slow trickle or drip. If you're experiencing the latter of these two scenarios and you have a well pump installed, it's time to do some investigating to get to the bottom of the problem.

Inspect The Shower Head

In some cases, the reason for a pressure issue is quite simple: a dirty showerhead. Particularly in a home with hard water, mineral buildup can collect over the nozzle. Soap scum and dirt can also collect over the shower's head.

All these collections crate an obstruction that limits the amount of water that is able to flow out. Perform a simple process of elimination to ensure it's not the head that's the problem. This is an especially helpful step if you're only experiencing low pressure in part of your home.

Look At Your Well Pump

If you know where it's located, take a few moments to look at your well pump. If you have a submersible well pump and you can see it, you may have a problem on your hands. Submersible pumps should be underwater to function correctly.

If the pump is visible, this means that it is not taking in as much water as it should. When the pump isn't functioning correctly, it's somewhat automatic that you will experience issues with low pressure. In many instances, this simply means that the water table inside the well has lowered and the pump needs to be lowered as a result.

Check The Motor

If either of these issues is not to blame, it might be time to have your motor checked. The intake valve for the pump is powered by a motor. When the motor is not operating at full capacity, this will in turn limit the amount of water that the unit is able to take in.

This problem will lead to low water levels inside the tank, and when the water level is too low, this will also effect the pressure levels. Not only will a motor malfunction cause this problem, but it is also indicative of a pump that is in serious need of repair. Have your unit inspected and repaired by a service professional as soon as possible to avoid further concerns.

You can restore the water pressure levels and enjoy your showers again with your prompt action. At the first sign of a pressure concern, start investigating. For more information, contact local professionals like Coast Water Well Service Inc.