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Choosing A Heavy Transport Service For Your Construction Company

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Whether you need to transport an excavator or crane to a different facility because your business is relocating, or you simply need the equipment transported to a worksite, careful transportation is critical. For this reason, you should leave this task to a company that specializes in transporting heavy machinery. Just make sure you aren't pairing with the first company you come across, but taking the time to select the right company to meet your needs. Here are three factors to take into consideration when you are looking for a heavy machinery transportation company.

Contract Agreements Offered

If you will have recurring transportation needs, such as frequent trips to worksites, it's wise to look for a transportation company that offers contract agreements. These types of agreements are an excellent way for you to save money and create a long-term partnership with a company you're comfortable working with.

With these agreements, you may be able to set a fixed price for your transportation needs based on a mileage radius or the type of equipment you need transported. Having a contract might also give you scheduling priority, ensuring you have your equipment delivered when you need it.  

On-Site Equipment Inspections

It's a good idea to also partner with companies that guarantee on-site equipment inspections. It's one thing to look over your equipment when it is being picked up, but it is equally important that the equipment be inspected again upon arrival.

While many companies offer the initial inspection, the same can't always be stated for the latter. Even the most skilled transportation company that has access to the best technology available can damage your equipment accidentally. Having an inspection after your equipment has reached its destination can highlight these issues so that any damage is noted.

A Reputation For Being On Time

As a construction professional, you know firsthand that staying on target with your schedule is critical. Even a slight delay with your project completion can cost you money, and if the cause for the delay can at all be attributed to your actions, it can impact your professional reputation.

Always pair with a transportation company that has a reputation for meeting its target arrival times. If the transport company has a history of delayed deliveries and you're waiting for your equipment to reach a worksite so that you can begin your project, this will impact your progress. If you've heard from other construction professionals that the particular company you're considering has had time delays in the past, you might want to reconsider doing business with that company.

Given the high cost associated with your construction company equipment, you want to ensure it is protected. Partner with a transport company that will help you meet your goals.

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