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3 Important Reasons To Install A New Rain Gutter System During Your Remodeling Project

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Do you own your own home? Are you in the middle of a renovation project? If you're currently working on remodeling some or all of your home, you're probably looking for ways that you can save money on the project as a whole. One way that you may be considering saving money is by ignoring or simply ignoring your house's gutter system instead of having it inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary. At first glance, having or not having working and updated gutters may seem trivial. However, they can actually be extremely critical to your home. Here are some reasons to make sure that your gutters are functional:

Basement flooding: If your home has a basement, the rain gutters can actually serve a crucial role in keeping the inside of your home dry and flood-free. Without gutters, the rain from your roof will roll of and be dumped almost directly at your foundation. Depending on the exact size of your home, an inch of rain could result in an extra 1,200 gallons of water in the soil next to your home. This excess water can create pressure that forces your basement to flood. A good gutter system will direct this water away from your foundation to a less harmful location.

Lawn damage: Even if you have no basement, a lack of rain gutters can still be a serious issue. Without gutters, rainfall can cause the soil along the drip line of your home to be washed away. Although not immediate, the result can be a tiny trench gouged out of your lawn. As a result of soil being washed away, grass will start to die off or refuse to grow in the area. This can cause even more soil to be washed away. Eventually, you may have an ugly grassless line running across your front and back yard. Having gutters on your home will almost completely eliminate this possibility, resulting in a nicer looking lawn.

Roof leaks: So you already have gutters on your home and you think that you don't need to do anything else. However, if your rain gutters are damaged or otherwise in disrepair, this can be almost as bad as having no gutters at all. A standard gutter system that clogs frequently can result in water backing up and overflowing out of your gutters. Not only can this result in the previously mentioned problems, you may also get roof rot as well. Overflowing gutters can result in rain flowing up underneath shingles. This will result in your sub-roof getting wet and, eventually, starting to rot. Eventually, you'll have a leaky roof that will seem like it needs to be replaced. While some of your roof may then needs to be replaced after all, this eventuality could've been avoided by having a brand-new clog-free gutter system installed on your home.

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