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4 Great Gift Ideas For The New Welder In Your Family

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If one of your kids or spouse has just taken up welding as their new hobby, you can help further their interest in their new hobby this holiday season by buying them gifts that they can use. Here are four great gift ideas to get for someone who is new to welding. Make sure that you check and see what equipment they already have to ensure that your gifts are unique and something they can really use.

Solder Tip Cleaning Wire & Holder

In order for your loved one to keep their expensive welding equipment in good shape, they are going to need to clean up after they use their equipment. This can be very time intensive; a solder tip cleaning wire and holder will make the cleaning process go more smoothly when welding. It will easily remove soot from the solder tip and allow one to continue working. It is a simple tool that can save your loved one a lot of time.

Mini Jet Pencil Flame

This is a small tool that will allow your loved one to easily do micro-welding jobs. It is also a great tool for doing detailed work as well that one really needs to control.

A mini jet pencil flame uses butane fuel and creates a very hot flame just like a larger welding tool; the flame is just a lot smaller to allow for detailed work. This tool will allow your loved one to expand the type of work that they do. 

If you get your loved one this tool, you may also want to pick them up a small container of butane fuel to go with the mini jet pencil flame so they can use their new welding tool right away.

Multi-Function Welding Pliers

When welding, your loved one is going to need the assistance of a variety of tools. If your loved one does not have any dedicated pliers to work with, consider purchasing them multi-functioning welding pliers that they can use for numerous types of different jobs. 

When you purchase your loved one welding pliers, make sure that the teeth are sharp and that the jaws properly close. Also make sure that the handles are easy to hold onto and are not slippery. 

Weather Resistant Protective Cover For Welder

If your loved one typically sets up shop outside when they weld, they are going to want to make sure that their equipment is properly protected. A weather resistant protective cover for their welder will help keep their welding equipment safe from changes in the weather when they are outside. This will allow them to continue working when it suddenly starting sprinkling outside, instead of having to pack everything up right away and rush inside. 

The four items listed above are accessories and tools that your beginning welder is likely to not own yet but will help them advance their new hobby and interest. Check out a shop like Wayne Oxygen & Welding Supply Co Inc to find welding equipment.