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Four Reasons Why Installing A Home Fire Sprinkler System Is Cheaper Than You Think

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Are you building a new home? Are you considering installing a fire sprinkler system, but aren't sure if the cost ($1.61 per square foot of space) is worth it? If so, read on to learn 4 considerations that make home sprinkler systems cheaper than you think.

1.  Less Damage Should Fire Occur

It's a common myth that an activated fire sprinkler system can cause a vast amount of water damage. People imagine that fire sprinklers are as sensitive as smoke detectors and that a single piece of burnt toast or an oven spill will simultaneously activate every sprinkler in their home and douse their belongings with a steady stream of water.

This thinking is way off. Sprinklers are not like smoke detectors; they cannot be activated by smoke, steam, or cooking vapors. The only thing that can activate a sprinkler system is a drastic increase in ceiling temperature. 

Furthermore, each sprinkler is calibrated separately, so should you experience a fire in your home, only the sprinkler closest to that fire will activate. Once the sprinkler is activated, it will disperse 10 - 26 gallons of water per minute, as opposed to the 250 gallons per minute firemen will use to douse your home. 

All in all, a fire sprinkler-equipped house will sustain 70 percent less damage in the event of a fire than a home that relies on smoke detectors and the fire department alone.

2.  Lower Insurance Premiums

Guess who else thinks home fire sprinkler systems are worth the investment? Your home insurance company does. In fact, they're so sure that sprinkler-equipped houses are safer than those without sprinklers that most are willing to offer discounted premium rates to homeowners who install them.

How much of a discount you'll receive depends on your state and the type of system you install. In most cases, those who have a complete Class A sprinkler system that covers every portion of their home, including bathrooms, attics, and attached structures will receive a 10 percent discount. Those who have a Class B system that covers their main living areas, minus bathrooms, attics, and attached structures will receive a 5 percent discount.

3.  Increased Property Value

Installing a home fire sprinkler system could pay off big if you ever choose to sell your home. When the nonprofit group, Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition conducted a national poll, they found that 69 percent of homeowners viewed sprinkler-equipped homes as having more value than homes that didn't have sprinkler systems.

In fact, many of these homeowners reported that they'd rather upgrade their homes with sprinkler systems than they would with fancy hardwood floors or new cabinet upgrades! The added home safety that fire sprinkler systems provide can't be disputed and those in the housing market are taking note and incorporating sprinkler systems into their list of must-haves when searching for new homes.

4.  Priceless Peace Of Mind

Alas, the number one reason why installing a fire sprinkler system in your home is cheaper than you think is because of the invaluable peace of mind you'll receive knowing you have the optimal level of protection against home fires. 

Working smoke detectors cut your risk of dying in a home fire by about 50 percent -- about the same odds as winning a coin toss. With a fully functioning fire sprinkler system, though, you've got an 80 percent chance of surviving a home fire. There's nothing in this world more valuable than life itself, and $1.61 per square foot of living space is a small price to pay to protect yours.

If you're building a new home, don't hesitate to install a home fire sprinkler system. Not only do they provide an unmatched level of fire protection, but they are also an investment; your home will sustain less damage in the event of a fire, you'll see an immediate return on your insurance savings, and you'll have greater success when it comes time to sell your house.