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3 Home Repairs You Should Never Try On Your Own

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Do you consider yourself to be a do-it-yourself kind of person? If you enjoy making repairs on things around your home, you're not alone. The proliferation of DIY television shows and websites that are around these days attests to the popularity of doing things on your own. While that is admirable, you should know not every home repair should be attempted on your own. There are certain home repairs that take special training to do properly and safely. These are the three home repairs you should always get a professional to do for you.

1. Electrical Repairs of Any Kind

You should never attempt to repair any electrical features on your home. Unless you've been to electrician school, you could end up getting seriously injured very easily. Don't touch anything resembling an electric wire. Even if you think you've turned off the power, you may be mistaken. There could still be a live wire that will zap you as soon as you touch it.

If the project does not involve dealing directly with an electric current, you can probably try it safely. These types of projects include things like changing a light bulb or child-proofing electrical outlets. If it involves dealing directly with electrical wires, leave it to someone who is trained and licensed.

2. Roof Repairs

You might think it will be an easy matter to patch that leaky roof or replace a broken shingle. The reality, however, is you can easily do real structural damage to your home by doing DIY work on your roof. This can cause you to have to get more expensive professional repairs done later to correct the mess you made.

Roofs are specialized things. Contractors go through a lot of training to learn how to properly fix roofs, and to fix them to code. Leave roof work to the professionals, even if the issue looks like it will be easy to repair. You'll be glad you did in the long run. Besides, it is dangerous to get up on your roof without the correct safety equipment, which you likely do not own.

3. Garage Door Repairs

According to, garage door repair is dangerous to do-it-yourself types. This is mainly because a garage door has so many different parts that work in different ways. Plus, they are electric. This means you have a variety of ways to hurt yourself if you try to fix one.

Even something as simple in appearance as changing a spring on a garage door could hurt you if you remove it incorrectly. The spring could snap back and hit you in the face (or worse, the eye).

You could also inadvertently remove something that causes the garage door to come crashing down on you, causing serious injury. It's easy to do if you're not a garage door repair professional. Always call a pro if you need even a tiny repair on your garage door.


Being enthusiastic about do-it-yourself projects is wonderful. Knowing how to make a variety of repairs to your home on your own makes you more self-sufficient and can save you a lot of money. You just need to be smart about what projects you will and won't do on your own.

Be aware of what parts of your house really require professional attention. These are areas with delicate or specialized parts, usually of the type that require someone to go to school to learn how to repair. Play it safe with your DIY hobby, and you will always be in tip top shape to take on the projects that don't need a professional to do.

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